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The Book Fanfiction Archive

library of achievement

Book Fanfiction - Archive for Fic based on Books
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fanfiction archive for fic based on books
The community for posting any fanfiction, G to NC-17 ratings allowed, based on books that you love. One main place to find all those stories that we all want.

As long as it's based on a book, or being crossed-over with a book, any fanfiction is welcome. All that's asked is that it's properly labeled and rated. Rules of the community can be found here.

Stories should be posted with the following header:

SUBJECT: Title (Rating) by author - Book Fandom (example: Sunset (PG) by Tommygirl - Outsiders)

Rating: (since this is open to anyone, ratings are a must)
Word Count: (even an estimate would be good)
Any Warnings: (character death, incest, noncon, spoilers if it's a new movie, etc.)
Any Author's Notes:

The actual story can be posted under a cut tag or you can post a link to your journal. Either is acceptable.

Please be aware: if you under eighteen years old, some of these stories will not be appropriate for you. They should be properly rated so you know which ones to avoid.

IMPORTANT NOTE: - If there is an author you know doesn't care for/want fanfiction, please don't post it. It's an author's call to make so I'm going to respect that choice, even if it saddens the heart.

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